My work with fiber began in earnest during the mid 80’s to mid 90’s while living in Bath, England. The work of Kaffe Fassett and Candance Barrouth, both U.S.A. citizens now living and working in the U.K., helped to open my eyes to the glorious and unending possibilities of fibers.

I now have channeled my work into hooking with all types of materials, using the burlap as any artist would paper and the fibers supplying a rich palette. As I begin a project, I find my piece taking on a life of its own dictating to me the next fiber to choose until finally a complicated journey reaches a joyful conclusion.

Passage about hand bags: I believe that the bag we carry with us is the closest form of identity. It represents an archeological dig of sorts for it has all our identity items, intimate items…
maybe our dearest possessions.

-Phyllis Poor